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Forum Rules
This forum has been created to keep the community
together and informed about any endorsed Stratego online
future updates. This forum will also be used to inform the community
about upcoming live events such as the world championships. The
management would like to see quality topics, posts, and discussions
regarding the subjects outlined by the subforums.

In order to establish and maintain a healthy environment for those who
want to be part of it, this forum has some rules/guidelines by which
members will abide.

1. Stay on topic.

2. Stick to the subforum's topic.

3. Being considerate of others–includes but is not limited to behavior,
language, illegal practices, 18+ content, soliciting, adverising, website
referrals (Please see “do not” items below).

4. The language of this forum, unless otherwise specified, is English.

5. Do not claim a name previously belonging to someone else from We recommend users to use the same name as
they currently do on

6. No community member on this site may hold multiple accounts unless
given written permission by the site Administrators.

Guidelines of some “Please Do Not” Items
This is merely a cursory list of the kinds of things that may land someone
in a heap of trouble (some things may even be recognizable from other
communities online):

1. Please do not:
2. These are forbidden topics/items:
This forum is only for updates regarding live play,, strategy discussion and any endorsed Stratego Online future updates. Mentioning and/or referrring other sites directly and indirectly is not allowed.

Note: Any messages sent here via the "private message" function are considered direct messages only. Forum rules apply here too.
12-21-2020 06:28 PM
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